Mobile Phone Least Cost Routing 

At Last!!!


Least cost routing where it makes the most cents, on your mobile phone!!!


SC Mobile has done what other companies have only dreamed of doing.

We provide least cost routing on mobile phones.

How it works:

We provide you with a special Android mobile phone that takes 2 SIM cards. Our special software does the routing. You enter the number you want to dial. Press the dial button. Our intelligent software decides which SIM card to use choosing the cheapest route for your call.


Major savings!!!

Added bonus 1

All calls to and from the phone will automatically be recorded and sent directly to your e-mail address. Alternatively if you don’t wish to send your calls via GSM, the calls will be stored on a 8/16G data card and can then be downloaded from the phone to your computer whenever it is convenient for you.This can be done via cable, bluetooth or WiFi.


Never have to take notes on orders, disputes etc. while on a mobile phone. Have a permanent record of all conversations or other recordings. (Meetings, memo’s direct sales etc.)

Added bonus 2

Answering machine emulation on your mobile.


Now any call without a displayed number will automatically go to the on-board answering machine where a pre-recorded message will greet the caller. The speaker on the phone switches on and you can hear the person on the other end leave a message for you. If you want to speak to this caller, just press the answer button and the call will be answered. Should you wish not to answer the caller, the call will be recorded and sent to your e-mail address, where you can listen and respond to the left message.

Added bonus 3

Never lose your contact details should your phone ever be lost or stolen.


Should your phone ever be lost or stolen, the contents of your contacts folder is always stored on the phone itself and as soon as the phone is used by either using the existing SIM cards or putting in a new one, the phone will call our technical department, download your stored contact details and then proceed to make itself unusable.

We will then contact you and send you your contact details via e-mail.

Sound like a great idea???

Want to know more?

Call Steve on 0799653919 and lets get you saving costs and making your business run smoother!!!!!

We are here to exceed your expectations!!

You can reach us at 0799653919 and by fax at 0866079606. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: info@scorpiocomms.co.za.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 1995 and had been responsible for providing outstanding telecoms products ever since. Our specialty is in the area mobile and fixed line communications. Our business is located in Johannesburg